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What Is the Best Vacuum Cleaner for Caravans and Mobile Homes?

Whether you own a trailer caravan or a static home, you’ll need a reliable (and portable) vacuum cleaner to keep things clean during your well-earned breaks. But your everyday upright with all of the bells and whistles probably takes up too much room.

So what is the best vacuum cleaner for caravans and mobile homes? There’s no right and wrong answer, but there are a few key features you need to look out for.

A cordless stick vacuum is often the best option for confined spaces and regular transportation. Here are a few tips for choosing the right one.

Charging time

Different vacuums come with different batteries, and some of them take quite a while to charge. Think about how often you use your vacuum cleaner, and how large your holiday home is. Will the charging and running time allow you to clean to your own standards? How easy is it to charge the battery?

In simple terms, the higher the battery voltage, the better the performance. The best results are usually delivered by lithium-ion and NiMH batteries. Check that the battery is covered by the cleaner’s warranty, as they can be expensive, and paying for a replacement is usually not cost-effective.


No doubt you’ll need to negotiate tight and awkward spaces when vacuuming in your caravan. Choose a cleaner that is lightweight and ergonomically designed. Something with a swivel head should make your life a lot easier.


Let’s face it: most vacuum cleaners could do with being a little quieter. But the confined space of a mobile home makes this a priority. Test a few stick vacuums in a store to find out how loud they are.

The filter

The last thing you want from a vacuum cleaner while you’re on holiday is a long and complicated filter replacement process. Either choose a model without a filter, or one that makes cleaning and replacement quick and simple. Also, keeping allergens to a minimum is especially important in such a small living space, so look for vacuum cleaners with a HEPA filter or something similar.

Tools and attachments

The chances are you have lots of nooks and crannies to access when you’re vacuuming in your mobile home. To make your life as simple as possible, look for stick vacuums with a full selection of tools and accessories. For example, crevice tools can help you to access fixed seating, while a brush attachment is ideal for cleaning upholstery quickly.

Adjustable configurations

No two caravans have exactly the same cleaning needs — but most of them offer limited space and charging opportunities. Look for vacuums that can be reconfigured to clean different spaces. For example, some stick vacuums can be easily turned into a handheld cleaner.

Also, look for vacuum cleaners that can be folded away or docked in a charging station.


If you’re buying a vacuum cleaner for a holiday home, the chances are you’re going to be transporting it quite a bit. Does the cleaner fold away for safe storage? Will it fit in the boot of the car? Is it light enough for you to carry from your vehicle to your holiday home?

You don’t have to sacrifice power or performance for mobility and manoeuvrability. Choose the best stick vacuum for your mobile home, and your holiday cleaning shouldn’t take up too much of your precious leisure time.

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