Do you live in perpetual panic that somebody might ask for a lift in your less-than-squeaky-clean car? Despite driving them daily, most of us don’t get our cars valeted very often – so crumbs, pet hair, dust and dirt quickly build up.

Vacuuming your car can give it a new lease of life, ridding surfaces of bacteria, freshening up the upholstery and it could even make the time you spend in your car more enjoyable. With a whole host of quick and easy car cleaning tips from Shark, why not tackle this fair-weather job while the sun is shining this summer?

1. Make your own window spray 
Despite the importance of smudge-free windows for safe motoring, it’s easy to overlook cleaning the inside of the glass. Mix 1 part water with 1 part distilled white vinegar and wipe over windows using a soft microfibre cloth for a streak-free finish – a simple, cheap way to make your car feel brand new.

2. Choose the best tool for vacuuming car seats
Whether it’s pesky pet hair, dirty footprints or crumbs from on-the-road snacks – car seats, carpet mats and upholstery fabrics often bear the brunt of our travel habits. Shark’s TruePet and upholstery tools easily remove embedded dust and pet hair from your car seats, boot, parcel shelf and floor mats in moments.

3. Get hands-on
Dust, dirt and grease quickly accumulates on flat surfaces and regularly-touched areas, such as your dashboard, door pockets, handles and cupholders – which could all harbour germs if you leave too long between cleans. Remove surface dirt by wiping with disinfectant, before using the crevice and dusting tools included in Shark’s Car Detail Kit to thoroughly remove debris and dust from corners and edges.

4. The devil is in the detail
Have you ever noticed how dusty your car’s air vents get? Car interiors are full of tiny crevices where dirt can gather. Thankfully Shark’s Car Detail Kit comes with a selection of mini detailing tools, including brushes with flat and round ends – perfect for cleaning air vents, dashboard controls, radio buttons, and even that tricky area around the gearstick.

5. Don’t forget hard-to-reach areas
For the complete at-home valet experience, pay attention to areas that can’t always be seen but often accumulate dirt. Shark’s Car Detail Kit includes a flexible hose to help your vacuum cleaner reach tricky areas, including seatbelt sockets, headrests and down the sides of seats.

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